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Track Name: Fuzzy People
I'm trapped between two worlds of my dreams.
Each and every thought unclear. What does it mean!
Lingering.. through woods. Constant marvel.
Embedded words sound like marble.

I feel it growing in me like worms crawling in my body.
Get them out! Get em out from my insides!
They breed, they feed, they're killing me!
Multiply and persist for all those things you might have missed:
All the tricks on the list. You can try but I won't let you resist.
Track Name: Meth Mouth Math Moth
Green sky explodes,
Spores seep in through the nodes.
The one they crave the most, their human host, has been exposed.


Symbiotic THC is taking control.
Blistering her hands from forcefully loading bowls.
Can't stop coughing, but can't help but smoke.
Lungs collapsing with each passing toke.

Her flesh turns to soil, her organs the plant.
She claws to escape, but she can't.
Now she is earth and growing fast
Across all this planet to burn it to ash.

(Guest vocals: Justin Runge)
Sent from the sky with no answer why
They must end our lives by getting us high.
Flesh starts to turn by the plants design.
When all is through, we meet our demise.

Embers ignite, melting skin.
Emerald night sounds of dying children.
Suffocating, burning alive.
Killed by the ones who once got us high.

In this firestorm
The human race is now reformed
To be stronger.
To be danker.
Track Name: Booger City
Visions of ivy excessively growing inside of me.
Engulfed in shroud, evaporate like clouds.
Autumn leaves..
Shadows of trees.

An aura swells
From where the sun fell.
Glowing brilliant warmth..
It beckons me forth.

I can feel the water breathe.
See through so clearly.
Whirlpools of swirling ecstasy
Drown me in your empathy!

Do you remember the flame before the ember?
Track Name: Demon Fish
There's been a void in your passions as of late.
Left to wallow in an unambitious state.
I wonder if you know.. wonder if you know how this reacts.
Trying not to show it but I can't help but relapse.

Lost in memories, your eyes get weak.
Too tired to think, and too stoned to speak.
The west shows my path.
A distance grows beyond the tracks.

A grueling task, but standing strong.
Through the past things went wrong,
But don't give in! It's over now!
Those trials are said and done!

Taken for granted, pretending it's fine.
Nothing has changed in time.
I know I'm not wasting mine.
So stop looking behind!
Track Name: Sdrawkcab Siht Gnidaer Er'uoy
Things around here are changing.
They're getting worse.
I feel them breathing on my neck...
Like some kind of curse.

The evil eye is watching.
It knows your every move.
Leaving with no trace or anyway we could prove.

They know we're here! Even if we're there!
Corrupted eyes follow and constantly stare.
Don't show fear, they're here to scare.
No matter where you are or what you do they're aware.

This cult is done. Overthrown by one.
Track Name: I'm Happy I Cut Off My Legs
Waste your time, it'll be over soon.
Getting closer and closer with each passing moon.
Things aren't always what they seem to be
When there are oceans between you and me!

Memories elude..
Foreboding soliloquies.
Psychological suit - dressed up to facade forgotten empathy.
Cinquefoil pedals falling.
Erased from my conscience.

Time was spent but you had nothing there.
Age contrasts the times where you don't care.

I guess it's back to the grind..
If I had my way, I would not leave you behind.
Not my choice but I'll make it mine!
If I had my way I would not leave you behind.
I guess it's fucking back to the grind.
If I had my way I would not leave you behind.
Not my choice but I'll make it mine!
If I had my way I would not leave you behind.
Track Name: Ember Mountain
In my search for you, I've scaled the highest peaks.
Feeling your presence as I try to seek
What's left of you, digging through the pounds
Of snow hoping you'll be found.

This frozen summit wears me away.
But something calls me here to stay.
Losing hope, but I must push on.
I know you're not gone!

The wolves howl in animosity beyond fathom.
Dragging me away into this chasm.

My shattered bones paid the price
To discover you here encased in ice.
Dormant, waiting to be unearthed
And now it's so clear why I was called here.
The cracks in my ribs crumble the frost and as I hear death,
I find what's lost.
Our candles flicker, as they slowly start to fade.
I can still see you through the haze.

My broken ribs bring you back.
Melting you away with every skeletal crack.
I wish you could see what I saw
Dying here waiting for you to thaw.
Track Name: Super Spore
Our fate is sealed, has been since we hit the field.
On the front lines it's so surreal.
Incoming! They'll try and take us down!
If you value our lives don't make a sound!

The air is so stale, bullets rain like hail.
Pessimist, you won't prevail.
I knew from the start, my blood would be art.
Absence of mind made it all fall apart.

Tick tock! Shell shock! Eyes darting towards the clock!